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Is Chocolate Spread Nutritious? Know the health benefits of this tasty dessert spread

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Kit2Eat’s Chocolate Spread is a quick way of bringing a smile to your face. It is the various ingredients that make it so delicious and addictive. Chocolate Spread contains coconut oil, cocoa solids, soy, vanilla extract, sugar, hazelnuts and salt.

Now you can make your own. It is the easiest way of lifting your mood. Adding Chocolate Spread to different kinds of food can enhance the taste of your dish and make it even more delicious. People prefer eating Chocolate Spread with bread, waffles, bananas, shakes, smoothies, pancakes and ice creams. There are many more different ways in which you can use Chocolate Spread. 

Spreading smiles around you.

Chocolate Spread is not only delicious, but it also has a lot to offer in health aspects. Chocolate Spread is healthy to eat and does not harm your body if consumed in the right quantities.

Health benefits of Chocolate Spread

  1. Chocolate Spread is rich in fiber which helps in controlling your cholesterol levels.
  2. It reduces the risk of developing heart diseases.
  3. Chocolate Spread contains calcium that strengthens your bones and teeth.
  4. The iron in Chocolate Spread helps in making red blood cells in your body and also protects your immune system.
  5. The ingredients present in Chocolate Spread help in regulating your blood pressure.
  6. Chocolate Spread is good for people suffering from anxiety and depression. It fixes mood fluctuations and produces happy hormones.


Nutritional facts of Chocolate Spread

  1. Calories:200
  2. Fat:12 grams
  3. Sugar:21 grams
  4. Protein:2 grams
  5. Calcium:4%
  6. Iron:4%


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