Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)
Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)

Chocolate Fondue kit 18.6 fl oz (550 ml)

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Perfect for a date night!
Emily's Choco Fondue set - 18.6 fl oz (550 ml) 
+ 12 oz. Chef's Quality Chocolate Chips
+ 10 oz Marshmallows
Perfect for an exquisite party
Choice between 6 custom gift cards (check also custom aprons)

All you need for an effortless evening of delicious chocolate fondue is the Choco Fondue Marie. Thanks to the bain-marie (double boiler) you can melt your chocolate and rest assured that it will not burn, freeing you up to enjoy perfect chocolate fondue for hours on end. It's an ideal dessert for two, or a sweet treat during drinks, a party or high tea.

Bain-marie fondue set
You've never known truly carefree fondueing until you've used this set. The bain-marie method keeps the melted chocolate at an optimal temperature of 40 °C (104 °F). A layer of water between the two fondue pans ensures that the heat from the tea light is evenly distributed. This special technique keeps the chocolate from burning, becoming gritty or bitter, which is a common pitfall of normal fondue sets. 

Easy to use: watch the video
The ceramic fondue pots are microwave safe, so you can use the microwave to melt your chocolate (chips). The fondue pots and forks are dishwasher safe, so they're clean in no time. Use a wet cloth to clean the frame. The frame cannot go in the dishwasher or the microwave. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy this fondue set for years to come.

Perfect as a gift
Looking for an original Father's Day or Mother's Day gift? Or a present for Christmas, Valentine's Day, a wedding or a birthday? Then look no further. The Choco Fondue Marie is the perfect gift for him or her. Especially when combined with some meltable chocolate chips. And much nicer than a standard gift card, don't you think? Just wrap it up and you're done.

Chocolate not included 

MaterialCeramic / Stainless steel

Number of forks 2

Liters (up to the edge) 550 ml / 18.6 oz

Liters (chocolate fondue) 500 ml / 16.9 oz

Grams (chocolate fondue) 400 gram / 0.88 lb

Heat source Microwave

Product diameter140 mm / 5.51"

Product dimensions 145x140x175mm / 5.8"x5.6"x7"

Product weight1.15 kg / 2.5344 lb

Packaging Gift box

Product dimension in packaging 160x155x215mm / 6.4"x6.2"x8.6"

Product weight in packaging1.36 kg / 2.992 lb

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    Limitless enjoyment of the best chocolate fondue with Choco Fondue Petit Marie. This complete fondue set uses the au bain-marie (double boiler) method. Your melted chocolate will stay warm for hours, without becoming bitter or burnt. The ceramic fondue pot has a capacity of 250 ml (8.5 fl oz), which is enough for 200 grams (7 oz) of tasty chocolate fondue.


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    Chocolate fondue that doesn't burn
    Want to dip fruit or marshmallows into melted chocolate for hours, without it burning? Yes! This fondue set uses the au bain-marie (double boiler) method. Thanks to the layer of water, the chocolate fondue remains at 40-45 °C (104-113 °F).  This is the ideal temperature; the chocolate won't burn and won't become bitter.

    Complete chocolate fondue set


    This fondue set has everything you need for a romantic evening of fonduing. Just place the two compact, ceramic fondue pots inside each other with a layer of water in between. The tealight in the base keeps the water and the chocolate fondue warm. Comes with two handy fondue forks.

    Microwave- and dishwasher-safe fondue pot
    The smallest fondue pot may be used in the microwave. This will help quickly melt the chocolate for the fondue. After use, the fondue set – with the exception of the base – may be placed in the dishwasher. So it will be perfectly clean and ready for its next meal.


    • 10 year guarantee 

    • Dishwasher-proof

    • Fridge-proof