Using pastry bag, tips, and couplers

Tips may be dropped into the bag without a coupler, or a coupler may be used to change tip without filling a new bag.



1 Cut the reusable pastry bag or disposable pastry bag so
that one or two threads are showing on the coupler base
when the coupler base is dropped into the bag. Pull the
coupler tightly to secure.
2 Place tip on the coupler base.  

3 Twist the coupler screw top to tighten the tip in place.



1 Drop the tip into the pastry bag and tug on the end to secure. The bag may also be fitted with a coupler following instructions below. Fold the pastry bag overhands to form a cuff. The cuff fold should be 2" to 3"(5 to 7.5 cm).

2 Scoop icing into the bag until it reaches the top of the cuff.
Fill the bag about half full with icing. The more full the
bag, the more difficult the bag is to control.

3 Unfold the cuff. Squeeze the bag between thumb and fingers and push the icing toward the bottom of the bag.

4 Twist the bag where the icing begins. For more security, secure with a rubber band or icing bag tie to prevent the icing from bursting from the top of the bag.  

Each time pastry bags are refilled, there is a build-up of air. Before beginning to pipe again, squeeze the pastry bag to
release trapped air; otherwise a large air bubble will interrupt the piping.

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